Tijuana, 1974

Writer and conceptual artist closely tied to the Fluxus lifestyle. Has published “Equilibrios”, 1992, “Instrucciones para cocinar”,2001, “Los Demonios de la Casa Mayor”, 2002, “Los Impersonales”, 2002, “25 ScoreS 25”, 2009, “Mini Poemas”, 2009, “MCA-Chicago Scores”,2011; “The Windy Scores: 2012”; has curated, exhibited, performed, done residencies, as well as interventions and collaborated in several anthologies, magazines and newspapers across the world.

Cofounder of AVTEXTFEST and AVTEXTPRESS experimental literature projects, Padilla Maltos holds a degree in International Affairs, and a Masters in Marketing. Has coordinated creative writing and experimental literature workshops.

Her work is extremely wide ranging and goes from collage and the reinvention of performances and classic metadramas, to the exploration of visual narratives parallel to literary and political texts, as well as the explorations of the body’s sense in contemporary societies.